Becchi For Congress Introduces Bill of Rights for All Individuals with Disabilities

Candidate Rosemary Becchi Releases Policy Initiative Focused on Prioritizing the Disabled


For Immediate Release
September 9, 2020

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PARSIPPANY, NJ – Rosemary Becchi, candidate for Congress (NJ-11) introduces the Bill of Rights for All Individuals with Disabilities policy initiative.

“While Washington politicians focus on partisan bickering and putting politics ahead of New Jersey families, our most vulnerable citizens are being left behind during this pandemic, said Becchi. “In Congress, I will always fight for the most vulnerable. That’s why one of the first pieces of legislation I will sponsor is a Bill of Rights for All Individuals with Disabilities.”

“Rosemary Becchi is a champion for people with disabilities. Rarely has there been a leader who is willing to fight for the rights of underserved and marginalized populations. She will be a game changer in Congress.” said Dr. Steven Perlman, Global Clinical Director and Founder of Special Olympics Healthy Athletes.

Upon release of the initiative, Rosemary Becchi stressed the goal to protect and ensure full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms of children and adults living with a disability. “I am a fighter- I have personally advocated for resources and fairness for my family and now I want to continue this fight on a broader level for the people of New Jersey.”

The Bill of Rights strives to raise awareness, fight discrimination, and foster respect for the rights and dignity of those marginalized individuals.

The Bill of Rights for All Individuals with Disabilities focuses on seven major pillars:

  • Community: Access to in-home, community, and mobility support services so that those with disabilities may live independently.
  • Accessibility: Providing a means for those with disabilities to access the world around them.
  • Employment: Providing an equal right to seek employment in the public and private sector with reasonable accommodations, while also promoting entrepreneurship.
  • Education: Providing an inclusive, primary and secondary education, vocational training,adult education, and lifelong learning.
  • Healthcare: Eliminating current barriers to health and wellness services, while providing the disabled with facilities within their residential communities that ensure quality and affordable healthcare.
  • Advocacy: Affording disabled individuals the right to support and protect their own best interest or having a family member or care giver protect their rights on their behalf.
  • Awareness: Providing public awareness campaigns designed to promote positive perceptions and greater social awareness, while promoting their contributions as well.

“Too often individuals with disabilities experience discrimination and barriers that prevent them from participating in everyday life. These individuals are exposed to greater risk of exploitation and restrictions of a obtaining a full life. Rosemary Becchi recognizes the need to protect the civil, social and economic rights of all individuals with disabilities by pursuing the establishment of the bill of rights for all individuals with disabilities.” Ashley Moore, BCBA Director.

Becchi has a daughter and nephew with disabilities, making this topic a personal one for her and she has made this initiative a cornerstone of her campaign. For more information, including full text, visit