House Republican Whip Steve Scalise Endorses Rosemary Becchi for Congress

“I am excited over the prospect of having an energized force like Rosemary joining me in Congress” 

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March 2, 2020                                                                          (201) 787-0962



Morristown, NJ  –  Congressman Steve Scalise (LA-1), the GOP Whip in the House of Representatives, today endorsed Rosemary Becchi’s campaign to reclaim New Jersey’s 11th District Congressional seat, citing her energy and genuine interest in ending partisan politics and lifting the financial pressures off American families.


“Rosemary Becchi has been a tireless fighter for families living under the pressures of an increasing cost of living. I am impressed at how quickly people in New Jersey’s 11th District have galvanized behind her run for the House, and I am delighted to endorse her campaign to reclaim the seat from a partisan incumbent. Rosemary is genuine in her concerns about the direction our nation is heading, and she shares my disdain for how some people in Washington have permitted divisive party politics to impede our progress on such important matters as making quality healthcare more affordable, reducing tax burdens on families and employers, cutting the national debt and improving the nation’s infrastructure. I am excited over the prospect of having an energized force like Rosemary joining me in Congress,” said Scalise.


Rosemary began championing for lower taxes and fewer financial burdens on American families back in the 1990s with her work on writing the 529 College Savings Law, which established tax free accounts for education. The accounts have not only allowed families to afford college, but also private school education.


“Congressman Steve Scalise has been a real inspiration, especially in his bi-partisan approach to problem solving in the House. I am truly honored by his support, and I am eager to join him in Congress to begin working on thoughtful policies that we all should be able to agree upon to make life easier for working families, not only in New Jersey, but across our nation. We can do this with the right people in Washington, and I am determined to make it happen,” said Rosemary.


With more than 25 years experience in public policy and the law, Rosemary has built a reputation as a leading tax policy advocate and is widely known for founding and leading Jersey First, a non-profit organization with a mission to educate and advocate for policy solutions to lower taxes, reduce government spending and help put the Garden State’s economy back on track.