Former Rep. Tom MacArthur Endorses Rosemary Becchi for Congress

“A Strong, Independent Force in New Jersey” 

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February 24, 2020                                                                          (201) 787-0962


Morristown, NJ  –  Former Congressman Tom MacArthur (NJ-3) today cited Rosemary Becchi’s history of fighting for families and taxpayers as he endorsed her Republican campaign to take back New Jersey’s 11th District Congressional seat.


“Rosemary Becchi has been a strong, independent force in New Jersey for years, and the entire state will benefit when we direct her energy toward Washington. She is committed to making our state more affordable for hard-working families, specifically by lowering tax burdens for our families, protecting the quality of our health care while lowering the cost and making certain our children have an affordable path to higher education. Rosemary is the real deal, and when she says she will work with anyone and across party lines to achieve the best policies for New Jersey, we can bank on her actually doing it — unlike our current crop of federal representatives who are neck-deep in the divisive partisan quagmire in Washington, accomplishing nothing for New Jersey families,” said former Rep. MacArthur.


The former Congressman knows the 11th District well. He used to live there and served as Mayor of Randolph Township while on the local council from 2011 to 2013. He has criticized Democrats who won New Jersey congressional seats in 2017 for breaking their campaign promises to be bi-partisan when they arrived in the nation’s capital.


“I want to thank Congressman MacArthur for his kind words and his confidence in my abilities to make a difference in Washington. I certainly want to echo his assessment of what has happened to our team of federal representatives in Washington. Right now, I feel the things that are important to New Jersey families are being ignored. I want to end the impasse, I want to get things accomplished for our state on healthcare, education, overspending and fixing our infrastructure,” said Rosemary.


With more than 25 years experience in public policy and the law, Rosemary has built a reputation as a leading tax policy advocate. She is widely known for founding and leading Jersey First, a non-profit organization with a mission to educate and advocate for policy solutions to lower taxes, reduce government spending and help put the Garden State’s economy back on track.


Rosemary began championing for lower taxes and fewer financial burdens on American families with her work on writing the 529 College Savings Law, which continues to help families afford college.